Poochie Sweet Potato Spirals " Unbraid" Sprials & Have More Curly Treats For Your BFFamily Bestie Dog(s)


Product Overview

Featured here is a Sweet Potato Sprial Twist Stick...these spirals are chewy & easily digested and are make with real sweet potato.  This chewy treat is flavored with a chicken flavor inside the spirals.  These unqiue spiral treats can be taken apart and then you would have more treats...This chewy rawhide promotes white teeth & healthier gums over time as your BFF Family Dog(s) are chewing them. Please make sure your BFF Family Dog(s) are given their daily regular meals with fresh cold water for them to also enjoy.  Thank you for stopping by today here at hvPet.com where quality & valued are important for our BFF's Family Dogs and our valued customers....  :)