Poochie Dog Treats - Micro Size 11 Pack Chicken On A Bone


Product Overview

Featured here is an 11 Pack of Poochie Chicken On A Bone "Micro" size dog treats for your BFF Family Dog!!  Poochie Dog Treats are not only a tasty chew treat for your valued & loved dog...Poochie treats also aids in tartar & plaque buildup that dogs experience as a human does too.  The flossy ends , as your dog is chewing...aids in getting this away from their teeth over time.  We at Poochie call this the silent toothbrush and cleaning of their teeth.  As their chewing our softer rawhide, this helps above and below their gum line where all the gunk gets stuck...and over time, your family pooch will have healthier gums.  Poochie Dog Treats have the best in their quality of dog treats and this is what we need to make our pooches happy too...tasteful chew, as the silent toothbrush...

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