Poochie Daily Chews "98 Total "Beef Chew Sticks ( Beef Chews Are Packaged in 7ct Sealed Bags)


Product Overview

* 100 Count  Poochie Beef Chews

* Feeding your dog a Poochie Chew daily will help promote white teeth and healthy


* The chewy texture will help clean above and below the dog's gum line.

* We use high quality beefhide and quality flavors combined with a unique high heat extrusion process to make a che your dog will love !

* Poochie strides for  only  unique products that are healthy and safe for your dog. 

* The degree of flexibility will vary for each chew. Flexibility is important in a dogs treat, Poochie understands this

   and gives your dog the opportunity of a good quality chew for their enjoyment and health of their teeth & gums over time!!