Beef, Bacon & Cheese Triple Mini Braids by Poochie Dog Treats - 7 pack _ NOTE: "Unbraid" These Mini's & You Will have More Treats for your BFF Family Dog(s)


Product Overview

* Poochie Daily Chews Mini Triple Braids makes everyday a treat day for the family dog(s)

* Poochie created this unique 7 day pack - one for each day of the week for the family dog.

* Poochie amazing Mini Triple Braid made of  Beef, Bacon and Cheese makes this a tasty treat!

* Poochie Mini Triple Braids in chewing  helps keep teeth clean above and below the gum line.

* Poochie Dog's love this poochie chew - makes for a great bedtime or daily routine snack !

* Poochie Dog's just are loving the Braided texture of 3 Pieces of rawhide Braided for the ultimate chewing & taste experience!

* Poochie treats are packaged within the USA with pride!!

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