Poochie Beef Stick Chews for a Great Daily Treat For 28 Days & will arrive in 4 bags of 8 count each sealed bag to maintain freshness for your BFFamily Bestie!PROMOTES CLEANER & WHITER TEETH OVER TIME !!


Product Overview

* Poochie all Beef Chew Sticks are a chewing experience that your dog(s) will enjoy!

* Poochie Beef Chew Sticks are packaged in 4 sealed bags of 8ct each  total of 32 chew stick to maintain freshness!

* Poochie takes When dog(s) are chewing this unique flexible treat, their teeth & gums are being         cleaned!

* Poochie offers rawhide of highest quality that  aids in this cleaning of teeth & the difference is        totally amazing!

* Poochie Products offers a 32 Pack  of Poochie Beef Chew  Sticks is giving the family dog an opportunity to not only enjoy the Beef flavor, but gets teeth & gum cleaning at the same time on a daily basis above & below the gum line.

* Poochie offers our products  with our 100% unconditional satisfaction guarantee!

* Poochie is sure to say your dog(s) will have satifisfaction this Beef Chew Stick you bought for them!

* Poochie takes pride in packaging all Poochie Products within the USA proudly!

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