BOGO: BUY 1 BAG & GET 1 BAG FREE!! "Beef & Cheese Knots"-7 Pk ...Promotes Healthier Gums & Whiter Teeth! View video below for informative product information!


Product Overview

* Poochie offers a Poochie All Beef Chew for your dog(s) enjoyment of taste & chewing experience!

* Poochie reccomends your dog a Poochie Chews daily that  will help promote white teeth and healthy gums

  above and below the gum line!

* Poochie only uses the higest of  beefhide quality

* Poochie choose very carefully natural flavors combined with a unique high heat extrusion process to make a chew your dog will love.

* Poochie promotes this is  unique product for  the degree of flexbility & chewing & taste experience!

 * Poochie sends your family dog(s) much yumminess in our finest treats !

* Poochie takes pride in packaging all Poochie products in the USA!!

Product Videos