Beef, Bacon & Cheese Mini Triple Braid by Poochie Dog Treats: 3 Ten Pack Bags = 30 Braids Plus & a "BONUS"Receive FREE 1 Bag of Beef & Cheese Mini 7Pk Knots(Value! Please Note: Canister in Photo No Longer Available!


Product Overview

Chewy Mini Triple Braided rawhide that your dog will love while keeping his teeth and gums healthy, above & below the gum line.

No air - only dense chewy rawhide.

Braided Chew promotes white teeth and you will notice the difference in dog's teeth.

Poochie uses highest of quality of Beefhide.

Flexibilty of our rawhide makes your dog(s) chewing experience enjoyable.

Dog(s) are able to hold this Mini Braided Stick for comfortability in their chewing and enjoyment of  taste!

PLEASE NOTE: The 30 pack will be shipped in 3 ten pack sealed bags with exp date on them 12/2025