Teeth & Gum Health!

Save Money on Dog Dental Cleanings         Poochie

We're sure you enjoy saving money.  We've heard so many stories from our customers about how our products have helped them do just that.  Because of their unique qualities, they've saved our customers untold sums of money on expensive vet dental cleanings for their dog.  Not only did they save the money, they saved their dog the traumatic event of a vet visit and also helped prevent the many complications that can result from dental disease in dogs including heart disease and early death.

Poochie Treats' products are uniquely designed to clean your dog's teeth more effectively and in ways that other treats can't and don't.  More specifically, here's how the two most popular lines of Poochie Treats work to clean in such a unique way.  



Soft-N-Chewy Rawhide - Cleans above AND below the gumline!

Dog Chewing a Poochie Treat Soft-n-Chewy Rawhide Bone

Why is Poochie Treats' soft-and-chewy rawhide so much better than everything else at cleaning teeth? It's texture and firm sponginess! It's completely unique manufacturing process results in a texture and consistency that is able to do something no other dog treats are designed to do - clean both above AND below the gum line.  Because of the unique process the rawhide goes through during the production process the treat is firm, chewy, and has just enough give to it to effectively clean both above AND below the gum line where other treats can't and don't get!  




Chicken-On-A-Bone - Flossy style ends clean BETWEEN the teeth!

Chicken on a White Rawhide Dog Bone with Flossy Ends!

Poochie Treats' Chicken-On-A-Bone products are specially designed and manufactured with flossy-styled ends to clean plaque and tartar build up BETWEEN the teeth where other treats don't get and where bacteria is most likely to build up.  If your dog is only chewing regular white rawhide dog bones please introduce our chicken-on-the-bone products as a way to help clean their teeth in places where other treats don't get! This is so important for preventing dental disease which has been linked to both heart disease and early death in dogs.