Beef & Cheese 2pk Braided Retriever Chews - Purchase 12 Bags of & Receive A Bakers Dozen Bag For FREE!


Product Overview

* Poochie offers this high quality approx 9 1/2" - 10" each  Braided Retriever Chew made with Beef & Cheese Flavor.

* Poochie Quality Beefhide Treat for your dog(s) chewing enjoyment & helping their teeth stay white

  and this strong chewing aids in the gums above & below the gum line!!

* Poochie Braided Retriever Chew Stick are  easily digested !

* Poochie has unique treats with flexibility for dog(s) chewing & holding this chew as they enjoy the braid!

* Poochie promotes healthy gums and white teeth as they chew, they are enjoying their treat and their

   teeth and gums are being cleaned with this great rawhide product !

* Poochies packages all their finest products within the USA with pride!

Thank you for stopping by today & viewing quality Poochie Dog & your BFF Family Dog will have a

great shopping experience here on this is a quality Poochie Dog Treat!!

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