6 pk of Peanut Butter Twists & 6 Sweet Potato Twists Combo Bag s: Promotes Healthier Gums Upper & Below the Dog's Gumline


Product Overview

Featured here is the amazing "NEW" Combo of 6 Peanut Butter Twists & 12  Sweet Potato Twists  all in ONE BAG....your favorite "Braids & Twists"  now in a combination in one bag.  Peanut Butter twist has ridged twisted shape & Mini Sweet Potato is  Braided, gives your pooch an great grip with their paws to hold as they have the greatest chewing experience.  Not only are Poochie Dog Treats a great tasting treat, this quality rawhide as they chew, this gets up into their gums upper & lower for healthier & cleaner gums.  Also aids in cleaner & whiter teeth over time.

This way your BFF Family Pooch gets a few of each to enjoy....they do say variety is the spice of life for us..so why not our BFF's Family Pooches too :)  

Thanks for stopping by today...need assistance ordering, we take verbal phone orders now too....just call on Judy at 845-325-3693 for her assistance...we, the BFF's at hvPet.com is always there for our valued & most appreciated customer.  Say heyyyy to your Family Pooches from their BFF's here at hvPet.com !