Poochie "Chicken Lover's" Value Gift Bowl Packed with Poochie Dog Treats & NO fillers!!


Product Overview

Assorted Chicken Lover's Poochie Favorites Valued at over $90.00 if purchased separately. Buy a gift basket today and we will make a most

attractive basket of Poochie Dog Treats...these are NOT sample sizes...each item is a full size bag as shown in our online hvPet.com store...no fillers with cardboard & stuff....all great

dog treats in a decorative basket....actual baskets, if ordering more than one, the actual baskets can be different...be assured all the products listed will be the same.

Chicken & Sweet Potato Micro Knots-14 pack

Chicken on a Bone - Micro - 18 pack

Chicken on a Bone - Medium - 2 Pack

Chicken on a Bone - Medium - 5 Pack

Chicken on a Bone - Mini - 10 Pack

Natural Chicken Twizzle Sticks

Natural Chicken Jerky

Natural Chicken Strips in replacement of the plush toys....we are currently out of stock & will include Natural Chicken Strips

NOTE: We are out of yellow bathing sponges, in its place we are including a bag of Natural Chicken Chips! ...and their tasty for your BFFamily Besties Dog(s)

Chicken despenser filled with Chicken Shakers is included too !

Chicken Shakers to sprinkle on dog food to enhance flavors of your food you chose...especially if you have a finicky BFF Family Dog at home...lol

PLEASE NOTE:  Plush Toys are no longer available, replacement is with Natural Chicken Strips: value of $11.99 if bought separately. 

Please Note: weights include basket...be assured majority of weight is in products !