Poochie "Beef Lover's" Value Gift Bowl full of treats...no fillers... huge assortment of Poochie Dog Treats!


Product Overview

Assorted Beef Lover's Poochie Favorites Valued at $79. Buy a box and save!


Beef Chew Sticks Value Pack - 50 Pack

Retriever Chews - Bacon Flavored - 40 Pack

Chew-A-Day Mini Triple Braid - 10 Pack         

Mini Chew Knots - Beef and Cheese - 7 Pack                                     Values of over $129.00 if purchased separtely ..comes in gift box with tags to fill out for special BFF Family Dog !!

Large Braided Chews - Beef and Cheese - 5 Pack                                   Not filled with stuffers of paper.....filled to the brim with full size products as listed here on the online store...full value!

Shampoo Infused Bath Sponge - Oatmeal Vanilla

Stuffed Bacon Logs with Peanut Butter Twists 2pk

Stuffed Bacon Logs with Sweet Potato twists -2pk

Mini Beef & Bacon Knots-14pk

Mini Sweet Potato & Chicken Knots-14pk

Peanut Butter & Sweet Potato Twist Combo- 6 Peanut Butter & 6 Sweet Potato Twists

Make Note: Stuffed animals are no longer included in basket....extra chewy treats will be included :

Mini Sweet Potatoe & Chcken Braid 

Sweet Potato spirals- 5 pk