Poochie Mini Triple Braided Chews - Beef, Bacon & Cheese - 10 Pack - SPECIAL: Buy 12 Bags & get 13th Bag FREE! (Value of $12.99)


Product Overview

* Feeding your dog a Poochie Chew Sticks daily will help promote white teeth and healthy gums,

    above & below the gum line!

* Poochie maintains that our family dog(s) need to have clean teeth & healhty gums,we as the owners

   take pride in the continuing  care of our Family Dog(s) hygenie!

* The chewy texture will help clean above and below the dog's gum line.

* We use beefhide and quality flavors combined with a unique high heat extrusion process to make a chew your dog will love.

* Poochie promotes unique products & the degree of flexbility will vary for each chew!

* Poochie takes pride in packaging all Poochie Products within USA !


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