Poochie "Mixed Grill Lovers" - Rawhide & Chicken Basted Rawhide Value Gift Bowl & NO Filllers either...all Poochie Dog Treats!


Product Overview

The Mixed Grill Gift Box is an assortment of all Poochie Favorites Valued at $83. Buy a Gift Box and Save!

Naturals Chicken Jerky Chews - 5.5oz.

Chew Sticks - Beef - 28 Pack

Chew-A-Day  Mini Triple Braid - 10 Pack

Chews Retriever Sticks - Bacon- 5 Pack                                                           VALUED well at over $100.00  Packed with no fillers, only great full size packages as shown in each of the online Poochie Dog Treats !!

Poochie Chicken On A Bone Wrappers  Sticks - 11 Pack 

Chicken on a Bone - Mini -10 Pack

Chicken on a Bone - Medium - 5 Pack

Chicken on a Bone - Micro - 5 Pack

Large Braided Chews - Beef and Cheese - 2 Pack

Shampoo Infused Bath Sponge - Oatmeal Vanilla

Natural Chicken Twizzle Sticks

Natural Steak Twizzle Sticks

Chicken shakers to sprinkle on dog  food to enhance their menu...especially  for the finicky dogs....I know i have one...lol

Chicken Dispenser to hold all your chicken shakers...too and we fill it for you too included in this gift basket!

* Poochie takes pride in designing this huge "Value" Git Box, this can be used for your family dog(s) for their holiday gift...rather treats!

* Poochie can also send this Poochie Gift Value Boc filled with an amazing with the finest of quality  assortment of Rawhide Treats for you family or friends that

  just got a new Family Dog, these gift boxes come with a gift tag you can personalize !  Enjoy this gift box for your own Family Dog(s) !!

Please Make Note: Poochie Squeak toys are no longer included, we have replaced this with a 18 Pack of Beef & Bacon Knots