Poochie Chicken On A Bone - 7 Pack Mini Bones _ SPECIAL: Buy 12 Bags, get One Bag FREE! (Value of $9.99)


Product Overview

* Pack of seven mini Chicken On A Bone treats for your dog(s)  

* Marinated chicken breast and beef rawhide bones made specifically to tempt little-dog appetites.

* Our special floss style ends have been coated with real chicken breast and the dogs just love this.

* These quality bones are made from high quality beefhide.

* With your dog enjoying the chew and taste of this bone, this aids in contrl of tartar & plaque!

* The difference you will see in healthier teeth and healthier gums!

 * Another great dog chew product by Poochie Treats!

* Poochie takes pride in packaging all Poochie products  in the USA !

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