Poochie "Beef Rawhide Chews & Chicken Rawhide Chews Sampler box"


Product Overview

The Poochie features their ....

"Beef Rawhide Chews & Chicken Rawhide Chews Sampler Gift Box"

This festive Gift Box comes with an assortment of our favorite "Dog

Treat" Total value of this festive Gift Box is $89.86 for ONLY $69.99!

This is an awesome savings ..filled with quality Poochie

Treats for your dog(s) to enjoy...

This assortment of chews reduces your dog(s) dental cleaning..when

the dogs are chewing the rawhide, their teeth & gums  are getting

cleaner over time & they are enjoying the chews !

What a great way to get an quality assortment of Poochie quality

dog treats for a gift for a friend/relative and even one for you dog(s)

to share !! 

Buy a Gift Box for a BFF Friend in your life who also owns a pooch & of course

BUY another  box for your BFF Family Pooch & Save today !

Chews Beef Sticks - 7 Pack

Braided Retriever Chew Stick - Beef & Cheese - 1Pk

Stuffed Peanut Butter Bacon Log - 1Pk

Stuffed Sweet Potato Bacon Log - 1 Pk

Natural Chicken Twizzle Bag

Mini Braided Retriever Chew Stick - Beef, Bacon and Cheese -3Pk

Mini Chew Knot - Beef and Cheese - 3 Pk

 Chicken on a Bone - Micro - 5 Pk

Chicken Chew Strips-7pk

Chicken on a Bone - Mini - 3 Pk

Chicken On A Medium Size Bone 2 Pk

Peanut Butter  Twist Sticks - 12Pk Bag

Mini Sweet Potato Braids-12pk

Natural Chicken Strips - 1 Bag

Natural Chicken Jerky Sticks - 1 Bag

Poochie Infused Bathing Sponge - 1Pk

Poochie Chicken Shakers - 1Pk