Natural Real Chicken Breast Crunchee Chips: Flip Your BFF Family Pooch One of These Natural Chips For A Daily Crunch !


Product Overview

Poochie Dog Treats introduces Natural Chicken Breast Crunchee  Chips that your

BFF Bestie Family Pooch will surely enjoy. 

Made in U.S.A. and packaged in U.S.A...

Flip your pooch this "REAL" Chicken Breast Crunchee Chip and watch them play with

them a bit and/or have fun crunching on them!


With the Natural Chicken Breast Crunchee Chip that is not flavored, as this is REAL chicken breast in the shape of a round chip .  Thanks for stopping by today. 


With orders, you will always receive some Poochie Dog Treat samples to have

your BFFamily Bestie Dog(s) taste...after all they are the