Beef & Cheese Braided Chew Stick - 2 Braids NOTE: Unbraid This Woven Braid & Have More Treats For Your BFF Family Dog


Product Overview

Feeding your dog a Poochie Chew Sticks daily will help promote white teeth and healthy gums. These long triple Beef & Cheese Braids are 2 long braided pieces in the bag.  If you unbraid them, you will have 2 very long pieces, you can divide up for a later on treat or give to another dog to share the treat....The chewy texture will help clean above and below the dog's gum line. We use beefhide and quality flavors combined with a unique high heat extrusion process to make a chew your dog will love. Since this is a unique product, the degree of flexbility will vary for each chew.  Select the appropriate chew size for your dog.