5 Pack "MEDIUM SIZE" Chicken On A Bone - SPECIAL: Buy 12 Bags & get One Bag FREE! (Value Savings of $14.99)


Product Overview

* Poochie Chicken On A Bone & Beefhide combined in one doggy combo treat basted with real marinated Chicken Breast!

* Poochie offers five of these medium sized rawhide chicken basted dog bones packed together in one re-closable airtight pouch.

* Poochie strives in the highest of quality Chicken Breast placed on the great flossy ends and in the middle of this great tasting dog treat & chew!

* Poochie enjoysto see  your dog feast on this delicious mouth-watering real boneless marinated chicken breast wrapped perfectly around high-quality beefhide bone with flossy style ends!

* Poochie specially designed Flossy style ends help clean your dog's teeth even in hard to reach areas!

* Poochie takes pride in our product we offer and all of Poochie Products are packaged in the USA and check out our Naturals that are manufactured & packaged in pride in USA !! 

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