How Poochie Dog Treats Have Improved My Dog's Teeth


Hi everyone....gosh what an opportunity that I have found  I was visting a neighbor & they gave one of their dog treats to my dog, for I had forgotten mine  And this treat was called Chicken On A Bone.  It was great, for the treat was this Micro size and just big enough for my smaller dog.  Wow....did he just start chewing away on this treat.  So I got to talking to my friend about the benefits of this bone.  She claimed that her dogs teeth where starting to look cleaner...and she had not had time to take him to the vet for his cleaning. Sooooo, when she did take him to the vet, the doc was amazed on how clean his teeth now I only buy Poochie Dog Treats from for this is the dog treats that are a multitask treat...chewing, tastful & helps my fuzzy wuzzy keep his teeth cleaner now.  Thanks